Auto Detailing Business Tips: Earn more, work smart!

Another edition of Auto Detailing Business Tips from Darren, taken first hand from his world of professional mobile auto detailing.
Finding the “diamond in the rough" and being profitable over glamorous.


  1. pilgrim985

    Okay, so this is the first video of yours that I have ever seen, as for
    myself, I am detailing cars on the side but I am fairly new to it, I use
    quality products and all my customers are extremely happy with my work.
    Typically, I wash, clay, glaze, seal, and wax first time vehicles. I am
    eager to begin learn the “paint correction” aspect of detailing but I’m not
    there yet but by early next year, I will be, but for now, I have been
    working on late model cars that aren’t in need of “paint correction.” So
    here is my question…
    What do you do when you encounter a car with swirls and scratches? Do you
    do your best to hide them with glazes & waxes? I am an
    “intentional/delight” type of person, quality & perfection are extremely
    important to me, so once again, I ask, what do you do when the situation
    arises when you need to perform “paint correction?” Thank you for posting,
    I enjoyed your video but it has led me to more questions.

  2. Carlos Nunez

    very good i am the same meke money

  3. Yusuf Ouledsidiali

    As you probably already know. Great Video!!!! Thank you so much for what
    you do and educating others and myself! 

  4. bbuehler10

    Common sense detailing. Like it.

  5. TJH 86

    il never get them 11 minutes of my life back,boring 

  6. Chris Rosario

    I’m a recent subscriber to your channel. I’ve learned quite a bit from your
    videos. It’s important that you continue to lend us your experience in
    terms of detailing. You truly break things down in the most simplest way
    possible. Keep up the good work. You should think of maybe writing books or
    starting small seminars, training classes etc. lol

  7. Jonathan St-Firmin

    Real talk. Thank you to speak the thruth. 

  8. Extreme Dominguez

    I love your videos. I own a Mobile Detail business in Harrisburg, PA.. Like
    you, I focus my efforts on maintenance detailing and crappy RVs. Lol…I’m
    trying to increase my maintenance detail clientele base, how did you go
    about securing those and negotiating pricing?


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