Auto Detailing Business Tips: Darren interviews a customer to teach you points of communication.

Darren goes on location again and actually interviews his customer before he starts the job. Follow along as he teaches additional points of customer interaction, paint polishing tips, and car paint touch-up.


  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. Dorian Casasola

    First :)

  3. aorguyphx

    What do you do about rock chips on front bumpers

  4. flex3k

    I like to tell the customer that the body shop will get you over spray on
    other nearby body panels and most of the time they wont finish down
    correctly when buffing or polishing covering up there mistakes with a glaze
    leaving you with swirls and sanding marks over everything now to fix that
    you have to go see a detailer and spend more money as far as a mobile body
    shop how safe would you feel having your car painted in the street or out
    doors with no spray booth with no heat to really bake the paint its
    definetly not the right way to have a repair done when you see a car
    manufacturer painting there cars out doors then id say go that route a
    detailer is the way to go its cost effective for the the customer and
    detailer if hes good it wont be noticeable unless you face to face with the
    repair depending one the extent of the damage 

  5. MASK JB

    Nice tutorial Sir :)


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