Auto Detailing Business Tips: Darren from Auto Fetish Detail

Darren talks about the ability to start a detailing business with baby steps and explains how he has been able to make detailing “work for him".


  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. Mario _

    Thank you for sharing all your information, experience, and knowledge,two
    quick questions: 1. as far as time management, how do you calculate your
    allocation of time, i.e.. 15 minutes per seat or 2 hours per interior, or 3
    hrs for interiors…etc? 2. If you detail the interior of a car in lets
    say an hour do you find that customers might think if there is a guy who
    spends 8 hours and you spend one hour, maybe the other guy is doing a
    better job, so do you typically allocate lets say 4 hours, or do you do it
    as fast as u can and just take that risk that customer might perceive more
    quality or better work cuz the other people take longer. Any insight would
    greatly be appreciated and once again thanks for your videos. 

  3. gib88son

    You’ve got some great videos. As someone with a newer detailing business
    they are a lot of help. You deserve some more views! Great website as well.
    Thank you!!

  4. minddisturb

    hi darren, very nice information to share with. i wonder what is the cost
    for detailing a car? i’m beginning to run a detailing business but i don’t
    know how much the price that i would give to my customer. thank you.


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