Auto Detailing Business Tips: Cautionary tips from Darren for your professional world

Detailing a car to perfection is one thing, operating an auto detailing business is another. Darren takes you out on location again by highlighting this Dodge Challenger detail, shows you the specific products he uses to deliver superior results to his customers, and adds some professional tips to help you avoid mistakes often made at the beginning of your auto detailing business career.

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  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. Justin Huebert

    Although I just detail my Denali I really appreciate these videos you put
    online! My truck has never been near as clean! Please keep up these videos!
    Thank you so so much!

  3. Jonathan L

    What made you decide on the big boy steamer??

  4. Konstantin Abdullin

    Great video! Thanks Darren.
    What do you think about sealants? I’ve being using Jet Seal from Chemical
    Guys, (have heard that Menzerna CL and PL is good as well) super easy to
    apply and remove, goes on glass, plastic etc.
    What’s your point of view in that? What the major difference if you would?


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