Auto Detailing Business Tips: Becoming more profitable through communication

Darren"s latest Auto Detailing Business Tips covers numerous key points to help you in starting an auto detailing business and the power of communication and presentation.
Learning how to manage expectations and communicate with people will help you to become more profitable.


  1. Auto Fetish Detail

    Let me help you avoid the mistakes I had to learn the hard way towards
    becoming more profitable in your auto detailing business.

  2. Jonathan L

    You should write a book and sell it.

  3. ferretapocalypse

    What would you tell a person when they ask, why your service is X amount,
    when they can go get a wash, and detail for less at the chain hand
    wash/detail places?

  4. Philip Fox

    Nice setup! Will you come organize my garage?

  5. Stephen Boyd

    I agree with Jonathan L….write a book…

  6. alphacharlie65ms

    Great video and great business tips. You should have parked your van on the
    grass in front of the ocean. Would have been a great pic for your website.

  7. Poon Poon Smith

    I would have loved to seen how the paint chips turned out.

    Love your videos. Thanks for all you do!


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