“Analysis Paralysis" Lawn Care Business Tips Overload “Do Not Overthink"

Start taking action!
Don"t Be Scared!

I would like to thank every one of you for the Motivation & Support!
You have left Positive messages for me on all of my videos, from Health Issues, Braces, Marriage, Raising Children to Working Out and Lawn Care. It Means a Lot to me.:)
Stay Positive and Stay Motivated!

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  1. Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care

    Budgeting Your Life Will Help You Be Successful & Lower Your Stress

    You Might Be A Lawn Freak Jokes “Jeff Foxworthy Redneck Parody” Lawn Care
    Comedy Tour http://youtu.be/yPH84H2cUcc

  2. Randy Mikhaiel

    I’m going to start calling it freaky Sunday. Lol!

  3. JGlawncare

    When are you going to make a video on your new truck?!?

  4. PitzTop Lawncare

    I swear i was watching old videos and then you popped up with thid video
    that applies to me!!! U are like a mindreader!! Whats the kool soothing
    music you listen to that u have playing on your videos? 

  5. Rob Harper

    Once again freak, spot on. A lot of people go through this. I know, I did
    also. 2 years ago I took the big step and started doing it seriously. I
    still worked a full time job, but last year I had to cut back to part time
    because I was losing money being at work. Seriously! This year will be even
    People = You Can Do This! Take the first step this year, we’ll be here
    with you along the way.

  6. djbreeeze

    You have inspired me to start my own Lawn Service! I’m here In
    Memphis,Tn….its a lot of Lawn Services here but I just want my piece of
    the pie! Seriously I’ve started Bald Lawn Care because of your crazy
    Inspiring Videos…I just want to say thanks! I’m going to create another
    channel just for The lawn service…so be on the look out for Bald Lawn
    Care Channel soon!

  7. darrelbigdaddywhite

    ….lol I jumped!!!…Im totaly mowing lawns this season and super excited
    of being my own boss. I have went per deum as a dialysis nurse(plan to
    nurse part time only as i need, im leaving the stress behind) and will be
    mowing solo this season. I plan to grow my buisiness this season while
    spending quality time with my mom who has alzheimers. Over the winter ive
    been purchasing commercial mower equipment for this big overdue change ive
    been looking forward to. I believe with all my heart that God placed your
    videos in my path to help me make this positive change. After i get in my
    groove i hope to put some video’s up. Please keep the video’s comming as
    they really help.
    Darrel White
    White’s Lawn Care in the 405

  8. captainchaos

    What if you put out flyers during the week, but can’t answer your phone
    most of the time except on weekends? Do you only put them out on Friday so
    you have time to answer your phone?

  9. Ken Heller

    Check out the Lawn Care Rookie for some great attention to detail stuff.
    The dude knows a quality job is the most important. Thank again for another
    motivating vid.!

  10. andreweasty

    Great video Freak! People need to take the first jump and not hold back
    jump in with both feet and hit the ground running! About a 6 weeks ago I
    lost my job yeah it sucked looked around not much was going then i started
    my own handyman/contractor business 2 weeks later after watching a few of
    your videos and wow never been happy yes the hours are a bit long at the
    moment but hey just starting out still smoothing out the bumps but I used
    to make 1000 per week before last week I invoice 2500 and every week I have
    invoice at least 1000 or more. So if your wonder if you should work for
    yourself do it you will work harder for yourself but you also see the
    reward not a company or a boss.

  11. Liquidblueink

    Why don’t you use an edger and use a trimmer. Could u make a vid on how to
    drive the snapper, I want to get but not sure how to drive and all. Thank

  12. CountrysideLawnNY

    I have many random videos from lawn care, snow plowing/ removal, equipment
    maintenance…. Etc. I’ll help any way I can- feel free to ask!! Only YOU
    can hold yourself back. I’ve said it a million times…… If you don’t
    chase your dream, you’ll spend your life working for someone who did!!

  13. Wombat Gardens

    Also known as being paralysed by indecision 🙂 

  14. Brauns Lawn Service


    Hey freak this my new channel. I don’t know if you remember my old channel
    RuskinFla813 , but anyways yes guys you have to get out there and do it. I
    started last year with garbage equipment and built up to better equipment
    and a TRUCK thats right I was doing out of the trunk of my car and had a
    full time job and still do while I continue to grow my business. Remember
    if you start next year your going to be a year behind…..so get started
    NOW!! You can never be ready, you learn as you grow!!!



  16. AHelpingHandLawncare

    Awesome video freak 

  17. TopNotchLawns

    Another great video Freak. Your right, the first steps are the hardest. The
    best advice I can give people is you will get out of it what you put into

  18. Russell Cox

    We trick ourselves into thinking that learning is doing, but there comes a
    time when you have to put down the books or the videos and get out there.
    You’ll learn as you go. The Freak is right; it’s March, and it’s time to
    get started.

  19. dick sdan

    I have been working with this guy for five years used to have big business
    ten years ago he’s sixty I am fifty seven he’s got diabetes and maybe
    Alzheimer’s doesn’t want to work but I do what should I do 

  20. Don Abraham

    Do I only need to now grass? I don’t know click here. I’m a super, duper
    lawn FREAK

  21. Rich W

    Another good video,i started my grass cutting business when i was 20yrs
    old,have now been doing it for 33yrs,those first few years are difficult
    while you are building your round up but if you are determined you will be

  22. jonservice

    +Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care
    First, I have a dilemma. In the city I plan to start in I can’t hang door
    hangers or any type of solicitation without a permit which is going to cost
    $50+. what should I do? go with USPS mass mailings?
    Second, TX charges me sales tax and expects me to show how much I owe them.
    How do you deal with that kind of stuff?
    Thanks for this vid. Just what I needed.

  23. Don Abraham

    I have many small business ideas to start up for little to no money. Look

  24. the Shrub Barber

    No way!! I’m busting out this year!

    I put out 5 yard signs today, did 2 estimates, and cold knocked on a door.

    I also have 3500 fliers printed, signs made, door magnets, business cards
    and t shirts. I also picked up 2 new referrals today! There is still
    Some snow on the ground here!

    Just got to do it!

  25. pseudosun

    I don’t think this biz is for doubters and over analyzers. I got into it
    out of necessity. It was sink or swim for me. I don’t want to motivate
    anyone, I want to see them get motivated on their own. If you’re not sure,
    or you’re waiting for someone to motivate you, don’t get into it. 


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