Business Tips: Finding the Right Supplier

Australian entrepreneurs, Tessa Hartnett and husband, Nathan Hartnett, started their online business that quickly expanded to nine. See how they choose their fascinators suppliers in China with the help of global sourcing through and


  1. Moshe shalit

    Save your money and don’t use AliBaba or AliExpress. If seller will not
    send the product – you have no one to complain to. Sorry, actually you can
    open a dispute – but Ali* will do nothing on it.

  2. siouxicidal951

    so what should we use?

  3. Moshe shalit

    DX has better response.

  4. Kevin Jeremy

    I have been doing this business from china for more than 5 years.From my
    experience, if you want to choose a supplier be very cautious in Alibaba as
    there are lot of fake suppliers with low quotation as a trap to loot money
    from newbies. If you need any information feel free to write to me at
    [email protected]

  5. yiqing zui

    I’m working in a factory from china,I know some cheater company let
    foreigner have a bad impact on Chinese company.we hate them also. So I
    suggest you should come to see the manufacturer before you place an big
    order,Or you can give a little order have a try if you cannot come to CHINA
    .haha,Most Chinese factory is good,don’t be worry.

  6. Alexandra Peshkoff

    i feel so sorry for the workers in Hong Kong and China doing all the labour
    getting paid peanuts and stupid white people are just reaping the glory


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