After 15 years – 20 eBay business tips

Here is a link to my book on Amazon
A Simple Happy eBay Job
I have begun writing updates for the new edition of my eBay book which I wrote in 1999. The book is on Amazon Kindle and is
A Simple Happy eBay Job
I have 11 new chapters planned. This video is a discussion of the topic for the first of the new chapters I am adding:

Tips I wish someone had told me when I started eBay 15 years ago.
1. It’s all about the numbers. Use an accounting system-ANY system, to keep track of where you are and where you are going.
2. Know the cost in time and money for everything you do in your business.
3. You don’t work for your self- you work for your customers and eBay. Migrate as soon as you can to your own selling platforms.
4. Don’t try to sell what you think poor people need. Sell what people with money want, and are buying today.
5. It takes the same amount of time to list and package a low cost item as it does a high cost item.
6. Have something to sell on the backside.
7. Find something to sell that has repeat customers.
8. Develop an email list
9. Listen and learn from customer complaints, but realize some people are just dicks.
10. Competition is good. Pioneers have all the arrows in their back
11. Learn from customers and competitors.
12. Use forums and books on eBay and selling to your advantage, don’t stop learning.
13. Have a goal. Write it down with actionable steps
14. Be prepared to lose your permission to sell your item on ebay. Just like a pilot that expects the engine to quit, have a plan B.
15. Want crazy customers ?-sell crazy items
16. Learn how to get to yes, my eBook I turned into a paperback story
17. Cut out time wasters like going to the post office and listing new items- print your own postage and focus on items you resell every auction. Which is better, spend a week looking for items you can sell once, or spend a week looking for a single item you can sell every week forever.
18. Spend 20 minutes a day brainstorming how to make the business better
19. Always ask the 3 questions when picking used items.
20. Have some fun.

The proposed topics for the new chapters are:
A Simple Happy eBay Job

1.)Tips I wish someone had told me when I started eBay ten years ago.
2.)How to use Smartphones to pick your profits before purchasing items.
3.) Learning from the success of other eBay sellers.
4.) Tips on how to import from home, and why I stopped importing.
5.) A list of the most high profit items you can still find to resell.
6.)Ways to get started selling for others on eBay.
7.) Making items to sell is an overlooked eBay profit center.
8.) 29 tips to increase your eBay business
9.)Selling items outside of eBay; Amazon and Etsy.
10.)Why it is important to have your own website.
11.)The importance of creating a usable customer mailing list.

I am not sure when I will complete al the new chapters, but when they are done the updated book on Kindle will be going up in price. Anyone who buys at the current low price, or who has bought the Kindle book earlier, will be able to get the updates for free.


  1. Robb's Homemade Life

    I am starting to write new chapters to update my old eBay selling book- A
    Simple Happy eBay Job. This is the first new chapter- 20 Tips After 15
    The book is currently on Kindle for just $3. Once I update the book I will
    be raising the price. All owners of Kindle books get updates for free.

  2. Catfishchic Waits

    Good luck on your new book, Robb! Big hugs to ya, Catfishchic

  3. C.W. Moffatt

    First time post. I would like to say thank you for taking the time to post
    this video. Very good advice indeed. And not the worst mug on YouTube. I am
    also a fan of your last name as well. God speed on the book, and I look
    forward to your future success.

  4. Kodi the Samoyed

    Lots of excellent advice. I will be ordering your book very soon. 


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