6 Business Tips For Freelance Illustrators

http://willterry.com/ Freelancing is a tough gig! – hopefully my 6 business tips will give you some habits that will help you obtain, service, and keep clients for a long lasting relationship.

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  1. Will Terry
  2. Melissa Vella

    thankyou 🙂 these are great

  3. Dylan Quinn

    Great video Will 🙂 I’ve been getting my first freelance jobs over the past
    few months and these tips are really informative. Thanks for the advice :)

  4. Ellen Byrne

    Excellent advice! Thank you Will Terry!

  5. Cristianne Fritsch

    Thank you, Will 

  6. Jannie Ho

    awesome as always.

  7. Kelley McMorris

    As always, your honesty and experience makes your advice extremely
    valuable. Thank you so much; I have definitely been making a few of these
    mistakes lately but now I know better.

  8. Geizi Guevara

    Always giving the best advise. Thank you so much. 

  9. John Garrett

    Thanks for the video, Will! Great tips that you don’t hear too often.
    Especially on making a personal connection with a Client/AD.

  10. Charlie Eve Ryan

    Another great video, Will! Thanks so much!

  11. mohamed hussin


  12. Leland Green

    Wow! You have just given your competition some very practical tips on how
    to do better– possibly at your own cost!

    I think that means you are a true gentleman.

    They are some very practical tips, too!

    It also occurs to me that these tips could be useful for most professions,
    not just illustrators.

    Thank you!

  13. Winston Rowntree

    Thanks so much for this– point #6 in particular was something i definitely
    needed to hear, and i’ll not forget it. Really grateful that you take the
    time to make all these videos… This and the one about deciding how much
    to charge have been particularly useful, it’s really good of you to share
    your knowledge like this.

  14. Lucca Medeiros

    Awesome video! Very helpful, thank you.

  15. David Barrow

    Great video! Everyone can always use these kinds of tips. I got into this
    business because I wanted to sit in my little studio and draw my pictures.,
    but I found out its more about building relationships.

  16. brdartist

    thanks for sharing! Very helpful!!

  17. brdartist

    As a beginner illustrator, I need to know if one should ever givel the
    originals in a project to the author? This is my 3rd project and the
    author does not understand why he would not receive the artwork he is
    paying for. I am confused about the industry “standards”. Doesn’t the
    artist always keep the originals as well as the copyrights?

  18. Lucki Rockit

    I have problems with No.5 ..Especially when clients don’t have a clue on
    the outcome of a design, and come up with changes that 8/10 times wreck the
    current design, and don’t end up in my portfolio -_-

    I think its better to NOT fall in love with your drawing at all when you
    work for someone else.. becuase it will backfire on you, and make the
    project very bland and boring.. 

  19. Sikhi Art

    Thanks for sharing! I will keep these in mind.


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