5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card | How To Design Professional Business Cards

http://goo.gl/lhyQpx – 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card | How To Design Professional Business Cards

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  1. George Dance

    All you need is Eggshell with Romalian type

  2. Geddy Semidei

    What would you suggest a student place on a business card? For example I
    will be attending graduate school for security studies and may have the
    opportunity to network at several different security conferences. Thank you
    for any advice.

  3. Rimorox

    As a graphic designer I wonder on a graphic design standpoint how you know
    how to ‘create’ a great business card? Now I understand you are mostly just
    speaking of what information should be on it. I am speaking of the actual
    design of it though and how to actually make one. The key to a great
    business card is getting a professional to work on one. If you try to make
    your own business card you’re most likely not going to have a great
    professional business card of the same quality as you would from a graphic

    Still I thank you for the tips in this video as the information you are
    speaking of is definitely useful information on how to write the perfect
    business card. This is a great video and I hope you don’t take this the
    wrong way but I think its a good key point is to have someone who knows
    what they’re doing to design one for you. Anyways Cheers!

  4. chrisjee18

    When will you upload the facial hair styles video?
    Looking forward to it


  5. Andybiotic

    Thanks for that, but why not show us your card? You can have your contact
    detail blacked out for safety reasons. It would be good to see how you
    meant by “clean”. Cheers.

  6. drafr

    I would suggest another tip: learn the culture from who you’re deaing with.
    Japan has strict rules with this issue, and getting to know that can be a
    leverage in your advantage. Some things to notice are: writting on the card
    at the back (or at all) is extreemly rude; take your time to read their
    business card, and store it safetly; follow order of respect language and
    deliver your card as so; etc. Business cards in Japan are serious business.

  7. psiops277

    I agree with you. The key is simplicity when designing a business card as
    well as keeping it clean. Most of the thing you suggested I already do and
    there are others that I do not do, however I will now though. Thanks

  8. Dadee3

    Coincidentally I had made some business cards not too long ago. Great

  9. Colton McAfee

    I’m an intern at Lockheed but I’m in high school, would it be acceptable to
    make a business card with Lockheed on it or should it be my school district
    or no company at all? The company does intend to keep me around for a few
    years but I just started this month, is out to early to get to work on
    getting business cards?

  10. Mark Hofer

    A few years ago i generated a business (personal) card with only my name,
    phone number, and email address. Since I’m in the military, I didn’t want
    to have to update my card every time I PCS’ed. I have received numberous
    complements on it and it is great as serving the purpose for which I got
    it. You’re point on focusing on what you want to achieve is right on

  11. Nay Naing

    I love your videos but it’s kind of annoying to hear the subscribe speech
    in the beginning of each one when you’re already a subscriber. Also, I
    wonder if new viewers might watch another video instead of waiting for you
    to get to the point. Just an FYI. 

  12. dante danis

    These were really good tips. I have my own cart with personalized own
    website and a custom email address that contact(a)myname,com which always
    amaze people. Very clean, readable, and simple. 

  13. HeadlessPhilosopher

    Three factors are required for a perfect business card. Tasteful thickness,
    subtle off-white colouring, and a water mark. 

  14. Jarrod Romine

    After watching countless videos of yours and hearing you talk about your
    website, I’ve finally decided to check it out and I’m glad I did! Thanks
    Antonio and keep it up!

  15. Matthew Ferry

    Odd question. What if you work for a company who does not allow you to have
    a company business card(do to position). How would you if at all get a
    business card?

  16. FirstResponder911

    “Raised lettering, pale nimbus. Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful
    thickness.Oh my God! It even has a watermark.”

  17. Art Hernandez

    Liked and Subscribed. Great video, thanks for the information and tips.

  18. Jennifer Greenfield

    As a business owner, I love hearing professional tips! Though your targeted
    audience is primarily male – females can also take note! Thanks!

  19. Daniel Sonntag
  20. Chris M

    Hey Antonio, first off wanted to say I love the videos and have learned
    alot from them so thank you! Also, would you be oppose to doing a video on
    casual footwear throughout the different seasons? I think i only saw a
    video of casual dressing but it was only on shirts and jeans. Thanks in

  21. Roy Jiminez

    My card is bone and the lettering is something they call silian rail.

  22. BeyondFatal47

    Antonio Centeno knocking it out of the park, once more.
    I’ve been watching his posts for a long time now. This man is legit, my
    friends. If you have any sense of your surroundings, you will get what he
    is trying to tell you. I predict, in ten years, this man will be known as a

  23. BeyondFatal47

    @ nay naing, what is so annoying about our friend Appealing to his
    audience. Not to mention, he HAS switched up the tone of how he reminds us,
    it’s not even formulaic anymore. At this point, he’s just mentioning it.
    It’s not even a plug or a push. It’s a by the by remark.

  24. LORDingly

    Very informative. love these tips.

  25. deserada

    This discussion harkens me back to Japanese business card “meishi”

    Some intricacies, including not writing on a card that was presented to you
    (in the presence of the presenter) have some interesting implications.

    You did touch on other traditions, but it is interesting to look into


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