5 Business Meeting Success Tips To Make Sure You Succeed In Landing The Big Job Or Client!

Are you about to have a business meeting or any other kind of professional interaction you want to succeed at? Do you want a few simple tips you can use to have a better business meeting and to land that big client? This video will give you that! Here are the tips!

5) Know the basics of who you are going to talk with. Google the company/client and look for them on LinkedIn. Come in prepared!
4) At the beginning of the meeting, get down their name and what they do. Make sure to remember it and use their name repeatedly during the meeting to make sure they know you are taking them seriously.
3) Have an objective in mind that says I want to learn about who I am meeting with.
2) Learn by getting them to talk about themselves.
1) Show how you can help whoever you are meeting with. http://jerrybanfield.com

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  1. Jefferson Pezzella

    Thanks Jerry! You did review your points 3 times in a row though. No
    worries. Actually, you went over them 4 times! Twice would have been fine.


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