15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography Business

Jeff Cable is one of our most popular speakers here at B&H Event Space and he is coming back to share his tips on starting a successful photography business. Have you been thinking about taking your hobby and turning it into a money making business? Jeff will tell you how he did that, and share his successes and “failures turned to lessons learned". There are many people talking about the demise of the photography industry and the challenges of making a reasonable income with your camera. Jeff will be here to share his formula which has worked for him for the last 8 years. He will cover the necessary tools, the web services, the social aspects, the partners, the marketing and the attitude needed to not only survive, but thrive in this industry.


  1. Andrew Kavanagh

    ▶ 15 Tips for Starting Your Successful #Photography Business by Jeff cable
    at B&H Photo http://ow.ly/pNWcQ

  2. Alex Chapman

    wow such harsh words, hes taking his time to talk to people sharing his art
    and experiences, and i personally find him an engaging speaker and
    competent professional, and someone else must too because hes popular.

  3. Heidi Anne Morris

    I share your passion Jeff Cable, good luck to you ♥ Loved the video 🙂

  4. chicagosouth56

    He back! love all your video Jeff… I read the Blog

  5. R1ku

    Thanks, Jeff! Great stuff. Although I’d propably watch you present about
    paint drying for two ours, your style of doing it is just so good. 🙂

  6. Greg G

    Jeff has lost some weight since the first fee videos. 50 looks good on him.
    Great video.

  7. Lexar

    Thanks Chawn – much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Joseph White

    15 Tips for starting a successful Photography business

  9. Nic Taylor Photo

    Superb as always

  10. kamwrites

    Not if you don’t have an eye for it.

  11. Hippy NZ

    so you say any gift you give someone is worthless? The value of art depends
    on what it means to the receiver/buyer. A ‘bad’ photo that is the last one
    taken of a persons grandparent (that you may have given someone) etc may be
    worth more (have more value) than all the technically best photos taken
    over the rest of the person life. The amount you charge does not mean you
    are any good, it just means you put greed before art. Often something you
    give has more value than anything else

  12. Jeff Cable

    Send me you email address (from my web site) and I can send you some of the
    images (with you in them) if you like. 🙂

  13. B and H

    Have you been thinking about taking your photography hobby to the next

    In this B&H Event Space Video, +Jeff Cable offers *”15 Tips for Starting
    Your Successful Photography Business”* http://bhpho.to/1gCLtVT

  14. Zenfolio

    Get some insight from #Proteam member +Jeff Cable Photography who spoke at
    +bhphotovideo event on ’15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography
    Business’. Watch here: http://ow.ly/q1RRY

  15. Antonio Oropeza

    Great lecture/seminar….especially…the “Money Shot!” I got mine!

  16. Cam Caddie

    15 Tips for starting your successful photography business:

  17. dodododa

    Damn this guy takes a long time to give 15 tips. Can someone just write the
    tips in dot form?

  18. JennyFTOL

    Sorry, but this is like too many so-called ‘ how to’ videos. I don’t want a
    guided tour of your portfolio. Just address the topic and cut the waffle.

  19. Dreambro1

    Chris Fletcher, You dont know Camera settings and how to get good shots,
    you will have no business.

  20. Ken Snyder

    Jeff you are so amazing….. I have learned so much from you.. Thank you
    for your dedication and love of photography.

  21. Kit Moc

    Jeff’s passion is infectious! I would hire him just for that as I know he
    would put all his passion into his photo’s.

  22. g29er

    LOL at the AARP sign in the background.

  23. PaigeFH

    Fantastic! My first Jeff Cable video, and I will be looking for more!

  24. Matthew Battisti

    Jeff Cable, this was an amazing video and thank you for posting it. The
    only thing I personally don’t like is that last slide when it says Time Is
    Money. I personally don’t like that saying because it’s just not true. Let
    me ask you a couple of questions, this goes for anyone not just Jeff that
    uses that statement.

    Can you lose money? YES
    Can you make money? YES
    Can you lose time? YES
    Can you make time? NO

    Time isn’t money, time is everything! Time doesn’t stop for anyone but
    money can. Now, think about this when you tell people I appreciate your
    time. Furthermore, let your clients know that you appreciate their time as

    P.S. This is not a negative message by any means. This is just a different
    way to look at that statement.

    All the best to everyone

  25. brianminkc

    when he said “I figure stuff out in 15 seconds or less” …. I decided I
    had seen enough


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