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Question: I"m a jr in high school and have to main interests in a future career which are above. By video production I dont necessarily only mean producing. Anything involved really, like script writing/ editing, voice acting, etc. I"m so torn between the two because I have such interest in both. I really have a knack for learning languages, math, and presenting and enjoy them. Not to mention Ive always wanted to experience other countries, cultures, etc. But I also love being creative, idea of being part of creating a tv show, etc. so any information like college experience, difficulty of actually getting these sorts of jobs, how I can start preparing now would be really helpful!

Answer: International business and Video production. Contrasting career choices. As to international business, there isn"t much I can tell you. Moving on to video production, it"s a big industry (don"t get it mixed up with film production). Although the technology used in both film and video production are merging, they"re still two very different mediums. Firstly, you should know that the money is average and the hours are long. If you"re working free-lance, you"ll be paid according to a call sheet (by the hour). If you"re working for a television station of video production company, you"ll be paid on monthly basis. Overtime is also available. But many video production companies also hire freelancers on short-term contractual basis. Moving on, I haven"t seen or experienced any difficulty in finding employment in this field (although some dopes keep talking about ‘breaking into the industry"). There is no such thing. It"s an open industry but you have to be willing to grab an opportunity when it presents itself, even though it wasn"t exactly what you were hoping for. College experience: It"s cool. Tension arises because everyone wants to be the director but at the end of the day, we work something out. The lecturers are industry professionals and most of them are cool. But you don"t necessarily need a college education in this field, but it will usually help you find paid work at an entry-level position (most people without formal education enter the industry as interns, usually with minimum wages of no-pay). If you want any help or further advise on the subject or if you want a few E books (PDF format), feel free to drop a mail (address on my profile, and mention the subject). By the way, there is a lot more to video production than I have mentioned here. Not enough space to put it all. So don"t take a finalized view on it just yet. But let me say this, if I were you, i"d go with Video production. If you"re good at what you do, you can travel the world, work and meet people from different walks of life, experience new challenges everyday, drink stuff out of Styrofoam cups and blink in the harsh Fresnel lights. Haha. But you have to love it.

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